How to use the Draw an Area Tool

This tool allows you to draw a custom area on the map, to search for listings located within boundaries defined by you.

Get Started:

Click the "Draw an Area" link from the toolbar displayed in the upper right of the map. This will open the draw toolbar.

Search for listings using "Draw an Area" tool:

- Start by selecting the icon of the shape in the toolbar you wish to search with.

- Rectangle: On the map, left click, hold, and drag to establish a search area.

- Circle: On the map, left click, hold, and drag to establish a search area.

- Polygon: On the map, left click to establish a starting point for your area.
- Move the cursor to the next boundary of the area you wish to include and left click.
- Continue this process until you have fully outlined the area you wish to search.

All the properties that match your criteria, and are located within your drawn area, will be displayed on the map

If you're not happy with the area you've drawn, you can click the "Delete" button

To save your custom search shape, click the "Save" button in the toolbar. It will prompt you to choose a name for your search. This Saved Search will be available for you in the future, as long as you do not delete your browsers cookies, and it can be accessed through the "Saved Searches" section in the toolbar.

Note: Please remember that you are saving your search criteria and not the results, so each time you select a saved search in "Saved Searches", the results you get may differ.

Exit the Draw an Area tool by clicking the "Exit" button.